2000-01 Season

Whitby Courthouse Theatre

"The Foreigner"

by Larry Shue
Produced by Paul Spencer
Directed by Susan Farr

Cast: Jim Renshaw, Jim Neilly, Carole MacNeil, Glenn Rabjohn, Kerrilyn Parker, Garvin Farr, Dough Cathcart.

Production Team: Susan Farr, Myra Whyte, Paul Spencer, Heather Grossman, Dave Edwards, Del Holliday, Boyd Tattrie, Mark Slattery, Catherine Prevedel, Kate Archer, Jillian Barry, Fletcher Johnson, Krystie Pereira, Marie-Claude Hebert, Katie paolozza, Don Davis, Peter Thrasher, Paul Spencer, Keith McGinty, Del Holliday, Jillian Barry, Bernadette Simms, Sean Drumm, Craig Kamcke, Bob Nelson, Stephanie MacNeill.

Synopsis: In a resort-style fishing lodge in rural Georgia, the plot revolves around the visit of two guests, Englishmen Charlie Baker and Staff Sergeant Froggy LeSueur. Naturally shy, Charlie is also depressed because his beloved wife may be dying. He tells Froggy, "I should have stayed with Mary, at the hospital. When a man's wife is dying, he belongs with her, not - not in Georgia."[4] He begs Froggy, "Please. Try to understand. I can't—talk to anyone now."


"My Darling Judith"

by Norm Foster
Produced by Craig KamcKe and Jennifer Rutherford
Directed by Harvey Levko

Cast: Jill Frazer, Matt Walsh, Richard Marten, Kim Harrington

Production Team: Harvey Levkoe, Craig Kamcke, Jennifer Rutherford, Johanna Ciszewski, Elizabeth Barratt, Mark Slattery, Kevin Arbour, Catherine Prevedel, Isabel Burns, Rebecca Kay, Peter Thrasher, Paul Spencer Don Davis, Eve Heaver, John Frauts, Bert Heaver, Claude Lavoie, Sidney Anne Lang, Jim Neely, Marlene Wilson, Bernadette Simms.

Synopsis: My Darling Judith tells the story of a husband  who has grown tired of his eccentric wife . He contrives to unload her on one of his employees so he can start a new life with his sexy young mistress.


"Pack of Lies"

by Hugh Whitemore
Produced by Paul Spencer and Peter Thrasher
Directed by Mark Nathanielsz

Cast: Jim Renshaw, Judith Edmondson, Catherine Prevedel, Nancy Gleed, Joe Lang, Brian Stevenson, Suzette Kearns, Arlene Kalmbach-Pashka

Production Team: Mark Nathanieslz, Paul Spencer, Peter Thrasher, Noreen Hayden, Elizabeth Barrett, Darleen Dempsey, Boyd Tattrie, Sandy Martin, Mark Slattery, Cherie Weaver, Don Davis, Marlene Wilson, Eve Heaver, Bert Heaver, Bernadette Simms, Bob Nelson.

Synopsis: Based on a true story, the plot centres on Bob and Barbara Jackson (in real life Bill and Ruth Search) and their teenage daughter Julie (in real life Gay Search, later a television reporter and newspaper journalist in the UK.) The Jacksons are friendly with their neighbours, Peter and Helen Kroger, until the couple is arrested and charged with espionage in 1961. It is revealed the Krogers actually are Morris and Lona Cohen, who during the 1950s and 60s worked with fellow spy Gordon Lonsdale photographing and encoding as microdots various pieces of material which they then sent to their colleagues in Russia, as part of a Soviet espionage network known as the Portland Spy Ring that had penetrated Britain's Royal Navy.


"A Midsummer Night's Dream" - Youth Group Production

by William Shakespeare
Produced by Laura Rutherford assisted by Sherry Cockburn
Directed by Jennifer Rutherford

Cast: Katie Paolozza, Aman Basi, Marie-Ckaude Hebert, Oliver Fitzgerald, Justin Rousseau, Christina Stecyk, Fletcher Johnson, Siara Marsh, Chloe McPherson, Bronwyn Walker, erin Weaver, Teal Adamek, Kristem Merrett, Keith Gummer, Haileigh Pascoe, Natalie Simms, Erin Lackie, Colleen Bain, Hilary Miles, Theresa Robertson, Claire Baker, Haley McPherson, Danielle Bazinet, Joyce Baker. Jen Johnston, Karen Millage, Amanda Weatherdon, Annie Fitzgerald, Carolyn Jeffs, Ashley Zacarias, Caitlin Busch-Anderson.

Production Team: Jennifer Rutherford, Sherry Cockburn, Laura Rutherford, Paul Basi, Cherie Weaver, Hilary McPherson, Bernadette Simms, Linda MacAdam, Cyndie Weaver, Elizabeth Campbell, Johanna Ciszewski, Paul Weaver, Lynn Jeffs, Susan Johnston, Trudy Adamek, Shandra Adamek Janet Lloyst, Fran Stecyk, Valerie Skinner, Lindsay Cockburn, Kerri Kimoto, Sara Koonar, Rebecca Kay, Brenda Lackie, Scott Baker, Ryn Harlock, Rahlin Sullaphen, Eric Cockburn, Kevin Arbour, Jordan Rousseau.

Synopsis: The play features three interlocking plots, connected by a celebration of the wedding of Theseus of Athens and the Amazon queen, Hippolyta, which is set simultaneously in the woodland and in the realm of Fairyland, under the light of the moon.


2001-02 Season

Whitby Courthouse Theatre

"Office Hours"

by Norom Foster
Produced by Judy Farrell
Directed by Rick Ferr

Cast: Phil Pizak, Trisha Kirby, Claude Lavoie, John Fitzgerald, Monique Essegern, Ed Daigle, Trevor Blackman, Carole Moran, James Gilbert, Carole MacNeil, Paul Spencer, Boyd Tattrie, Michael Leblanc, Nancy Gleed, Dave Ellis, Scott Clark.

Production Team: Rick Kerr, Judy Farrell, Andrea Kent, Glenn Rabjojn, Jim Ferr, Cherie Weaver, Paul Spencer, Peter Thrasher, Don Davis, Florence Cormier, Par Robbins, Fay Montgomery, Mark Slattery, Bert Heaver, Bernadette Simms, Bob Nelson.

Synopsis: What does an overweight jockey, a desperate movie producer, a gay entertainment lawyer, a philandering agent and a Week-at-a-Glance salesman have in common? Ordinarily not a whole lot, but then again Norman Foster's Office Hours is no ordinary play. Foster is one of Canada's most popular playwrights and Office Hours is one of his  funniest plays. Filled with snappy dialogue, witty repartee, hilarious predicaments, and lots and lots of laughs, Office Hours is being presented by the East End Theatre company all this week at the Orleans Theatre. The production is presented in five separate scenes, each one set in a different office on a Friday afternoon in a nameless Canadian metropolis.


"The Imaginary Invalid"

by Moliere
Produced by John Frauts
Directed by Karen Rickers

Cast: Bryan Stanish, Andrea Burck, Mandy Baker, Jennifer Rutherford, Fletcher Johnston, Hugh Hamilton, Daryl Marks, John Frauts, Shandra Adamek, Scott Clark, Raymond Ablack.

Production Team: Karen Rickers, Denise Huibers, John Frauts, Noreen Hayden, Elizabeth Campbell, Kevin Arbour, Sandy Martin, Myra Whyte, Mark Slattery, Trudy Adamek, Cherie Weaver, Ava Tomlinson, Jennifer Rutherford, Paul Spencer, Peter Thrasher, Don Davis, Johanna Ciszewski, Isabel Burns, Adam Pashka, Jackie Quinn, Darren Aubin, Linda MacAdam, Eve Heaver, Harry McKew, Eva Anderson, Bert Heaver, Bernadette Simms.


2002-03 Season

Whitby Courthouse Theatre

This is the treatre season that was performed at Heydenshore Pavillion as the Centennial Building was being renovated.

"A Musical Revue"

Cast: Mike Lomagno, Ariana Streeter, Barb Farrow, Andrew Daniels, Boyd Tattrie, Rick Kerr, Garvin Farr, Sarah Mitchell, Dave MacInnis, Rick Kerr, Liz Jones, Genevieve Hebert, Myra Whyte.


"A Spring Potpourri" - An Evening of One-Act Plays

 Prologue - by Marion Dennis

The Still Alarm by George S. Kaufman
Directed by Ed Daigle
The Players:
Brian Stevenson, Glenn Rabjohn, Julie Budkowski, Donna Love, Mike Leblanc

The Governess by Neil Simon
Directed by Marion Brown & Tracy Biggar
The Players:
Trish Blackburn, Jessica VanDusen, Kristin Nowers.

The Case of the Crusher Petunias by Tennessee Williams
Directed by Laura Rutherford
The Players:
Mel Gibson, Scott Clark, Glenn Rabjohn, Arlene Kalmbach-Pashka.

Mr. Foot by Michael Frayne
Directed by Paul Spencer
The Players:
Dave Albright, Carol Doughty

The Audition by Neil Simon
Directed by Marion Brown and Tracey Biggar
The Players:
Julie Budkowski, the voice of Anton Chekhov

For Image Sake by Catherine Peters
Directed by Carol Doughty
The Players:
Brian Stevenson, Glenn Rabjohn, Mel Gibson, Dave Albright.

Mr. Maintenance Man - Scott Clark
Introductions by Placard - Tracey Biggar

Production Crew: Bernadette Simms, Paul Spencer, Vivian Tattrie, Scott Clark, Kevin Arbour, Garvin Farr, Kate Golovin, Inese Krastins.






2003-04 Season

Whitby Courthouse Theatre

"Blithe Spirit"

by Noel Coward
Produced by Paul Spencer and Bernadette Simms
Directed by Garvin Farr

Cast: Sharon Lochan, Jill Frazer, Glenn Rabjohn, Dan Karpenchuk, Sandy Lloyd, Judith Edmondson, Vanessa Taylor.

Production Team: Garvin Farr, Karin Pezzarello, Kate Golovin, Kevin Arbour, Jonathan Farr, Chris Gaudet, Crystal Davis, Betty Dubeau, Sean Drumm, Claude Lavoie, Irene Poole, Peggy Cicci, Mike Conroy, Susan Baker, Susan Farr, Jay McCarten, Paul Spencer,Don Davis, Peter Thrasher, Marion Dennis-Brown, Jeannine Butler, Bernadette Simms.

Synopsis: Charles Condomine, a successful novelist, wishes to learn about the occult for a novel he is writing, and he arranges for an eccentric medium, Madame Arcati, to hold a séance at his house. At the séance, she inadvertently summons Charles's first wife, Elvira, who has been dead for seven years. Madame Arcati leaves after the séance, unaware that she has summoned Elvira. Only Charles can see or hear Elvira, and his second wife, Ruth, does not believe that Elvira exists until a floating vase is handed to her out of thin air. The ghostly Elvira makes continued, and increasingly desperate, efforts to disrupt Charles's current marriage. She finally sabotages his car in the hope of killing him so that he will join her in the spirit world, but it is Ruth rather than Charles who drives off and is killed.

Ruth's ghost immediately comes back for revenge on Elvira, and though Charles cannot at first see Ruth, he can see that Elvira is being chased and tormented, and his house is in uproar. He calls Madame Arcati back to exorcise both of the spirits, but instead of banishing them, she materialises Ruth. With both his dead wives now fully visible, and neither of them in the best of tempers, Charles, together with Madame Arcati, goes through séance after séance and spell after spell to try to exorcise them, and at last Madame Arcati succeeds. Charles is left seemingly in peace, but Madame Arcati, hinting that the ghosts may still be around unseen, warns him that he should go far away as soon as possible. Charles leaves at once, and the unseen ghosts throw things and destroy the room as soon as he has gone.


"Crimes of the Heart"

by Beth Henley
Produced by Lamie Rosen
Directed by D'Arcy Smyth

Cast: Carol Smith, Deb Smith, Mike Trites, Mel Gibson, Lanie Anderson, David Yarwood.

Production Team: Lamie Rosen, D'Arcy Smyth, Crystal McIntyre, Inese R.B. Krastins, Rein Boshart, Brenda Jackson, Katherine Ennis, Del Holliday, Diane Anderson, Paul Spencer, Jeff Jefferson, Don Davis, Kevin Arbour, Boyd Tattrie, Deb Smith, Vivian Tattrie, Claude Lavoie, Irene Poole.

Synopsis: Lenny, Meg and Babe gather at Lenny's deep-South home for her birthday. Lenny, the oldest, can't seem to sustain a relationship with a man. Meg is an aspiring actress who hasn't progressed beyond commercial voice overs. And Babe is released on bond from jail after shooting her senator husband. Add to this information the fact that the girls' mother killed herself in Lenny's house, and that when Meg offhandedly expresses the wish that grouchy grandfather would slip into a coma, he does, whereupon the sisters, despite every effort to treat the situation with proper sobriety, burst into helpless laughter over her "psychic" powers.


"Night Mother"

by Marsha Norman
Produced by Vivian Tattrie
Directed by Jennifer Rutherford

Cast: Heather Sessions, Georgina Spencer.

Production Team: Jennifer Rutherford, Vivian Tattrie, Linda Harlock, Sandy Philpot, Deb Smith, Diane Anderson, Kevin Arbour, Paul Spencer, Don Davis, Peter Thrasher, Kay-Ann Calbert, Andrea Florence, Jessica Sherren, Erik Grindlay, Lesley Woodcock, Bob Nelson.

Synopsis: The scene is the living room/kitchen of a small house on an isolated country road, which is shared by Jessie and her mother. Jessie's father is dead; she is epileptic and unemployable, her loveless marriage ended in divorce; her absent son is a petty thief and ne'er-do-well; her last two jobs failed and, in general, her life is stale and unprofitable. As the play begins Jessie asks for her father's service revolver and calmly announces that she intends to kill herself. At first her mother refuses to take her seriously, but as Jessie sets about tidying the house and making lists of things to be looked after, her sense of desperate helplessness begins to build. In the end, with the inexorability of genuine tragedy, she can only stand by, stunned and unbelieving, as Jessie quietly closes and locks her bedroom door and ends her profound unhappiness in one fatal, stunning and deeply disturbing moment—a moment never to be forgotten by those who have witnessed, and come to understand, her plight.


"Masquers: A Renaissance Frolic"

by Douglas Craven assisted by Teal Adamek
Produced by Genevieve Hebert
Directed by Douglas Craven

Cast: Bridgit Bowskill, Shandra Adamek, Mike Johns, Teal Adamek, Morgaine Craven, Meredith Murphy, Spencer Jones, Alex Hanson, Rein Barclay, Madison Busch-Anderson, Brynn Jobb, Rosie Mammone, Nicholas Mammone, Keegan Adamek, John Gregg, Katie Munroe, Melissa Haslam, Rein Hodgins, \megan O'connor, Rebecca Haslam, Chardra Cripps, Jeff Martin, Seana Baker, Hilary Miles, Mike Trites, Maggie Hodgins, Ron Hodgins, Carollina Michelussi, Eric Annan.

Production Crew: Douglas Craven, Teal Adamek, Genevieve Hebert, Louis Hebert, Marie-Claude Hebert, Etienne Hebert, Diane Bourque, Ron Hodgins, Maggie Hodgins, Tom Brown, Paul Spencer, Neil Archambault, Karli Smith, Dana Smith, Eric Annan, Trudy Adamek, Sandra Mammone, Tracy Hanson, Michelle Carlson, Kristen Etter, Chirstine Nicolak, Danielle Croft

Synopsis: Masques were popular in the court of James I, the successor of Queen Elizabeth I, during the early 16th Century. Masques became more opulent and extravagant under Charles I, who enjoued them right up until the point where he had his head cut off.


2004-05 Season

Whitby Courthouse Theatre


by Dan Goggin
Produced by Peter Bocking
Directed by Peter Bocking

Cast: Angela Cain, Kathy Knight, Lanie Anderson, Heather Johnson, Heather Sessions.

Production Team: Peter Bocking, Jennie Ottaway, Genevieve Hebert, Monica Cotton, Michelle Odle, Paul Spencer, Don Davis, Louie Hebert, Peter Thrasher, Jennifer Russell, Lanie Andetson, Heather Johnson, Cherie Weaver, Vivian Tattrie, Kevin Arbour, Brad Hornsby, Glenn Ottaway, Rob Therrien, Dave MacInnis, Eric Brydges, Eric Annan.

Synopsis: Five of the 19 surviving Little Sisters of Hoboken, a one-time missionary order that ran a leper colony on an island south of France, discover that their cook, Sister Julia, Child of God, accidentally killed the other fifty-two residents of the convent with her tainted vichyssoise while they were off playing bingo with a group of Maryknolls. Upon discovering the disaster, Mother Superior had a vision in which she was told to start a greeting card company to raise funds for the burials. The greeting cards were an enormous success and, thinking there was plenty of money, the Reverend Mother bought a VCR and camcorder for the convent, leaving her with no money in the kitty to pay for the last four burials. With the deceased nuns on ice in the deep freeze, they decide to stage a variety show in the Mount Saint Helen's School auditorium to raise the necessary amount. Participating in the project are Mother Superior Mary Regina, a former circus performer who can not resist the spotlight; her competitive but dignified rival, second-in-command Sister Mary Hubert; Sister Robert Anne, a streetwise nun from Brooklyn; Sister Mary Leo, a novice who is determined to be the world's first ballerina nun; and wacky, childlike Sister Mary Amnesia, who lost her memory when a crucifix fell on her head. The entertainment that they present includes solo star turns, madcap dance routines, and an audience quiz.


"After Magritte and The Real Inspector Hound"

by Tom Stoppard
Produced by Lamie Rosen
Directed by Mike Trites

Cast: Glenn Rabjohn, Laura Lawton, Betty Dubeau, Gord Cawsey, Anthony Ward, Ryan Harlock, Ross Libbey, Kathy Ennis, Steve Foote, Cathy Partridge, Kathy Rocchio, Boyd Tattrie, Eric Annan.

"After Magritte" -
The play begins with an astonished policeman looking through the window of a house where a group of people are posed in a bizarre, surreal tableau reminiscent of the paintings of René Magritte. Finding this suspicious, he calls in his inspector.

Inside the room, a rational explanation for the tableau gradually becomes apparent. Two ballroom dancers, a man and a woman named Reginald and Thelma Harris, are hurriedly getting ready for an event. A lampshade which had used bullets as a counterweight has broken and a woman crawls on the floor to look for them. The mother plays the tuba.

The inspector arrives and asks about the family's memories of a man they had seen outside of the Tate Gallery where a René Magritte exhibit is being held. He invents an entirely false story, accusing the family of complicity in a crime known as the Crippled Minstrel Caper. As he continues, the stage picture becomes increasingly ridiculous. For instance, the couple offers the inspector a banana as the male dancer stands on one foot. One scene is even performed in total darkness.[2] By the end of the play, the characters are posed in another Magritte-like tableau.

"The Real Inspector Hound" -
While the story is set in a theatre, the play within the play is set in Muldoon Manor, a lavish manor surrounded by "desolate marshes" and "treacherous swamps" and paradoxically also located near a cliff. It is a direct parody of Agatha Christie’s "closed" settings in which no one can enter or leave, so the characters know that the murderer must be one of them.


"Marvin's Room"

by Scott McPherson
Produced by Garvin Farr
Directed by Alan Goodley

Cast: Kaathy Knight, Lanie Anderson, Jordan Mechano, Barb Farrow, Alex Hanson, Jim Ferr, Sharon Lundy-Ling, Susan Farr, John Gordon,

Production Team: Alan Goodley, Garvin Farr, Debra McCarten, John Gordon, Jay McCarten, Don Davis, Peter Thrasher, D'Arcy Smyth, Cherie Weaver, Peggy Cici, Catherine Kallo, Mike Audet, Kevin Arbour, Heather Durkee, Kate Sellik, Jessica Wilding, Susan Farr, June Lewis, Date Golovin, Mary McGregor.

Synopsis: It concerns two sisters, Bessie, their father's saintly caretaker who has leukemia, and Lee, a wisecracking, psychologically unstable free spirit who has not helped with the caretaking. It is based upon McPherson's experiences with older relatives who lived in Florida. McPherson cared for his partner, cartoonist and activist Daniel Sotomayor, who died from AIDS. His experiences living in the darkest days of the AIDS epidemic influenced his writing. McPherson himself died in 1992 of AIDS at age 33.


"Beanie and the Bamboozling Book Machine"


2005-06 Season

Whitby Courthouse Theatre

"Picasso at the Lapin Agile"

by Steve Martin
Produced by Claude Lavoie
Directed by Monique Essegern

Cast: Dave Rabjohn, Mark Slattery, Jessica Outram, Lincoln Trudeau, Melissa Sparacino, Brian Stevenson, Paul Dobbs, Joe Szekeres, Trisha Trudeau, Ian McMullen.

Production Team: Monique Essegern, Claude Lavoie, Yolanda VanGrootel, Stephen Neving, Kevin Arbour, Jim Ferr, diane Anderson, Phyllis Allison, Sandy Lloyd, Eve Heaver, Maureen Howard, Don Davis, Peter Thrasher, Deb Smith, Thomas Sobocki, Rob hanson,


Synopsis: The "Picasso at the Lapin Agile" begins by introducing us to two of the main characters of the play, Gaston and Freddy. As the play progresses a young Einstein enters and the bar men begin talking about women. As the men continue their conversation Freddy's girlfriend, Germaine, enters late and apologizes for her late arrival by craftily avoiding an argument that could have arisen from her tardiness. The bar people continue on the subject of women when a gorgeous women, Suzanne walks in looking for Picasso, who had been rumored to visit the Lapin Agile. The conversation switches over to sex and Picasso. Freddy, who seems uninterested in the conversation uses Einstein's genius to figure his bills. The conversation then switches to talk of the future where Germaine's explanation is ironically accurate and the men's explanations are incredibly off. Sagot, the art dealer enters, and begins to boast of Matisse's talent and of a new painting he had just received from the painter himself. They then begin to talk about the absent Picasso who has a considerable amount of talent himself. Just as they are about to toast Picasso when he himself walks in. Picasso seems not to remember Suzanne though they had clearly spent time together, this ruins all of the high regard she had once had for Picasso.  Picasso and Einstein form a friendship on the basis that they are both artists in their own unique ways. At first Picasso argues that Einstein cannot be an artist because all he deals with is numbers, but Einstein helps Picasso realize that they are in fact similar in their designs. While they continue to debate this point another artist from the future enters, who surprisingly looks and acts like Elvis Presley. The visitor acts as a sign of things to come for Picasso. He shows Picasso that he will one day create a masterpiece that all people will admire. The play ends with the men standing in awe, thinking of what great things are to come. They all toast the new century that is about to begin.


"Homeward Bound"

by Elliot Hayes
Produced by Kevin Arbour and Claude Lavoie
Directed by Mark Nathanielsz

Cast: Bryan Stanish, Carol Doughty, Jeff Bower, Anette Stokes-Harris, Randy Finlay, Jamie Solboda

Production Team: Mark Nathanielsz, Kevin Arbour, Claude Lavoie, Shirley Wright, Sandy Lloyd, Phil Bird, Don Davis, Peter Thrasher, Bruce Doughty, Deb Smith, Mark Slattery, Diane ANderson, Cherie Weaver.

Synopsis: It is said that  once you are born, life owes you nothing. The circumstances that determine whether we live long or short, happy or sad, for richer or poorer are much more haphazard than any of us like to think. The distance from the top tor the brightest mountain to the bottom of the darkest valley is much shorter than any of us want to believe. More important that the life we live, is how we choose to live the life we have. We can rarely control events, only how we react to them. Allow us to present a family that has experienced many life's highs and lows and in the process left wondering about the meaning of it all.


"Leader of the Pack"

by Melanie Mintz
Book by Anne Beatts Music by Ellie Greenwich
Produced by Paul Dobbs and Bernadette Simms
Directed by Peter Bocking

Cast: Jacqueline Mitchell, Amanda Moorehead, Donna Lajeunesse, Melanie Marler, Heather Johnson, Lanie Anderson, Nathan Pidgeon, Anthony Ward, Julia Gifford, Michael Bentley, David Laing, Kyle Bentley, Donald Langley, Julia Hanes, Melanie Marler, Laura Harrington, Dustin Lafreniere, Victoria Gibson, Emma Nicholls, Sarah Alhage, Kathrina Waclawek.

Production Team: Peter Bocking, Monica Cotton, Michelle Odle, Chrissy Tetlock, Joanna Black, Holly Campbell, Shaniece Wlaker, Margot Frayne, Aaron Ward, Katie  Brailsford, Paul Dobbs, Rob Hanson, Bernadette Simms, Colin Hughes, Joanne Drumm, Barbara Dixon, Cherie Weaver, Helena Turner, Mary Parulski, Satcey Friedrich, Paige Howsam, Ashley Goodine, Don Davis, Peter Thrasher, Jacqueline Mitchell, Kevin Arbour.

Band: Monica Cotton, Andi Kelcey, Eric Brydges, Rob Thereien, Mike Flynn

Synopsis: As a teenage member of the Jivettes during the late 1950s, Ellie dreams of hearing her songs played on the radio, but her plans are put on the back burner by a mother who insists she finish high school and pursue a degree in education so she'll have a means of supporting herself. While attending Queens College, she finds work in the music industry's temple, Manhattan's Brill Building, where she meets Gus Sharkey (a thinly-veiled caricature of Phil Spector) and fellow aspiring songwriter Jeff Barry. After a whirlwind courtship, the two wed and begin to churn out hits for the Ronettes, the Crystals, the Shangri-Las, Darlene Love, Connie Francis, and Lesley Gore, among others. In 1965, at the pinnacle of their partnership, Jeff wants to start a family, whereas Ellie would rather keep working than settle down as a housewife/mother, so he divorces her. They remain professional partners for another year, but when her ex-husband remarries, Ellie falls into a downward spiral of depression and eventually suffers a nervous breakdown. The show then fast-forwards to the mid-1980s, showing off a self-confident and successful Ellie who is in control of her life.


"Guys and Dolls Jr."

by Joe Swerling, Abe Burrows and Frank Losser
Produced by Claude Lavoie
Directed by Tracy Folkes Hanson
Musical Director Phyllis Allison

Cast: Tracy D'Couho, Nicholas Mammone, Tim Redond, Tavia Pereira, Jenna Knaggs, Sapphire Currie, Laura Sale, Mitchell Lyons, Seana Baker, Shannon Winters, Mary-Kate McaDonald, Alex Hanson, Tara Sarre, Spencer Jones, Rosie Mammone, Carly Campigotto, Tillie Morgan, Chandler Platt, Nicole Vezeau, Madison Busch-Anderson, Jennie Long, Leanne Goodlet, Kenz Hanson, Victoria McConnell, Mark Williams-Blue, Jessica Chorney, Brier Kaake, Cassidy Platt, Robert Hanson.

Production Team: Tracy Folkes Hanson, Phyllis Allison, Irene Poole, Claude Lavoie, Bernadette Simms, Sara Jamjekian, Chantal Lachapelle, Robert Hanson, Kathleen Lacy, Kevin Arbour, Nick Coleman, Lisa Sciannella, Jim Allison, Sandra Mammone, Valerie Skinner, Rosie Mammone, Eve Heaver, Maura Morgan, Rosemary McCanny, Darcy Morgan, Marg Lacy, Maria Jones, Mackenzie Jones, Jennifer Redmond.

Synopsis: Set in Damon Runyon’s mythical New York City, Guys and Dolls, Jr. introduces us to colorful characters who have become legends in the musical theatre canon: Sarah Brown, the up­right but uptight “mission doll,”; Sky Masterson, the slick, high-rolling gambler who woos her on a bet and ends up falling in love; Adelaide, a nightclub performer whose chronic flu is brought on by the fact she’s been engaged to the same man for 14 years; and Nathan Detroit, her devoted fiancé, desperate as always to find a spot for is infamous floating dice game.


2006-07 Season

Whitby Courthouse Theatre

"Brighton Beach Memoirs"

by Neil Simon
Produced by Diane Anderson
Directed by Donald Langley

Cast: Alex Hanson, Lanie Anderson, Kathy Knight, Bailey Coyle, Megan Svajlenko, Graeme Robinson, Tim Westhead.

Production Team: Doanld Langley, Diane Anderson, Tobert Folkes Hanson, Chrissy Tetlock, JoAnne Black, Kathleen Langley, Peter Thrasher, Don Davis, Cassandra Kouri, Diane Tuckwood, Val Skinner, Candice Sheppard, Kevin Arboour, Thomas Soboki, Mile Ball, Paul Dobbs, Becca Clancy, CoryKnight, Caitlyn Burleigh, Channel Prior, Ashley Brooker, Carolyn Blank, Samantha Blakey.

Synopsis: Brighton Beach Memoirs opens in September, 1937, in the Jerome   household. The Jeromes live in a lower middle class neighborhood in Brighton   Beach, New York. It is about 6:30 in the evening and fourteen-year-old Eugene   Morris Jerome is playing a semi-imaginary game of baseball outside. As his ball   hits the house, Eugene’s aunt, Blanche Morton, gets a headache. Eugene’s mother   Kate yells at her son to stop the game and come inside. Eugene reluctantly comes   inside. He tells the audience that he wants to play professional baseball or be   a writer. He is sent upstairs, and he begins writing in his journal.



by Yasmina Reza
Produced by Paul Dobbs
Directed by Joe Szekeres

Cast: Anthony Ward, John Fitzgerald, Brian Stevenson.

Production Team: Paul Dobbs, Joe Szekeres, Ramona Abraham, Mignonne Sorlie, Mary Mignonne, Clayton Ward, Stephen Neving, Boyd Tattrie, Colin Hughes, Conaully Russell, DonDavis,Elizabeth Lovell, Jordan Orr, Katrina Rssell,Lillian Russell, Peter Thrasher, Robert Folkes Hanson, Tavia Pereira, Robin Schaufler, Allison Dalby, Crystal Forde, Kevin Arbor, Dave Rabjohn, Caroline Jover, Sebastian Lelasseux, Mark Spisic, Kruno Spisic.

Synopsis: Set in Paris, the story revolves around three friends—Serge, Marc and Yvan—who find their previously solid 15-year friendship on shaky ground when Serge buys an expensive painting. The canvas is white, with a few white lines.

Serge is proud of his 200,000 franc acquisition fully expecting the approval of his friends.

Marc scornfully describes it as "a piece of white shit," but is it the painting that offends him, or the uncharacteristic independence-of-thought that the purchase reveals in Serge?

For the insecure Yvan, burdened by the problems of his impending doom (wedding) and his dissatisfaction at his job as a stationery salesman, their friendship is his sanctuary...but his attempts at peace-making backfire. Eager to please he laughs about the painting with Marc but tells Serge he likes it. Pulled into the disagreement, his vacillations fuel the blazing row.

Lines are drawn and they square off over the canvas, using it as an excuse to relentlessly batter one another over various failures. As their arguments become less theoretical and more personal, they border on destroying their friendship.


"A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum"

by Burt Shevelove, Larry Gelbart and Stephen Sondheim
Produced by Boyd Tattrie
Directed by Monique Essegern

Cast: David Cardinal, Ray Sandfiehr, Joe Szekeres, Paul Dobbs, Tom Callow, Kathy Knight, Graeme Robinson, Todd Appleton, Phil Pizak, Tasha DiZazzo, Melanie Marler, Heidi Affolter, Tavia Pereira, Deirdre Brooks, Carolyn Jover, Melissa Sparacino, Anthony Ward, Lance Pask.

Production Team: Boyd Tattrie, Monique Essegern, Andi Kelcey, Yolanda Van Grootel, Tasha DiZazzo, Kelly Curran, Steven Neving, Bob Kowalski, Maueen Howard, Peter Thrasher, Don Davis, Caroline Jover, Doug Wylie, Blythe George, Paul Dobbs, Bernadette Simms, Tom Callow, Clayton Ward, Alex Callow, Cory Knight, Conaully Russell, Katrina Russell, Kathy Knight, Donne Langley, Melissa Sparacino, Helena Turner, Laura Anderson, Krintin Cranshaw, Shaniece Walker.

Synopsis: The setting for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum is a street in ancient Rome, in front of three adjacent houses. First is the brothel of Lycus, who takes his profession of peddler of fresh very seriously. Next is the house of Senex, his wife Domina, and their son Hero. Last is the house of Erronius who continually bemoans the unsolved kidnapping long ago of his son and daughter.


 "50 Years in the Spotlight - a Musical Revue"

Produced by Garvin Farr
Directed by Garvin Farr

Performers: Benjamin Head, Mike Lomagno, Myra Whyte, Ted Sellers, Heather Sesions, Shelley Kowalski, Chelse Campbell, Laura Laing, Carol Laing, David Laing, Janice Kerr, Donna Ljeunesse, Mariah Horner, Lance Pask, Garvin Farr, Georgia Higgins, Sonia Gravendick-Haudegand, Carolyn Bushik, Amanda Paisley-Kirk, Ray Hickey Jr., Susan Farr, Jonathan Farr.

Synopsis: A Musical Revue dedicated to the memory of Bert Heaver, who produced and directed many Musical Variety Shows over the last 50 years to support the theatre. Hs work, along wit the many volunteers in the pase and present, is appreciated beyond measure.


"The Nifty Fifties"

by Tim Kelly and Bill Francoeur
Produced by Christine Winters
Directed byTracy Folkes Hanson
Musical Director Catherine Pavlik

Cast: Alex Hanson, Shannon Winters, Liam Inman, Jennie Long, Rosie Mammone, Nicole Svanjlenko, Sapphire Currie, Leanne Goodlet, Tavia Pereira, Rachel Phillips, Carly Campigotto, Victoria McConnell, Mackenzie Shenker, Kez Hanson, Nicole Vezeay, Laura Seale, Ahlyssa Mundy, Julia Posteraro, Natasha Monk, Mark Willians-Blue, Shea Wineck, Nicholas Mammone, Courtney Wilkinson, Tillie Morgan, Kathleen Lacy, Mitchell Lyons.

Production Team: Tracy Folkes Hanson, Catherine Pavlik, Heather Johnson, Phylls Allison, Christine Winters, Claude Lavoie, Lanie Anderson, Spencer Jones, Robert Hanson, Steve Lavoie, John Monk, Cassandra Kouri, Diane Anderson, Cayda Rubin, James Allison, Mark Currie, Elizabeth Lovell, Raymod Vezeau, Morgan Wood, Sandra Mammone, Val Skinner, Peter Thrasher, Nick Alipanopoulos, Paul Inman, Nicole McConnell, Mary Lacy, Cassandra Kouri, Susan Long, Marilyn Seale, Heather Munday, Maura Morgan, Janet Phillips, Marg Lacy, Rose Marie, Meg Shenker, John Blue, Jackie Goodlet, Coleen Campigotto, Linda Lyons, Tim Morgan, Debbie Williams.

Synopsis: Gracie Stanley has gotten herself in hot water by promising to deliver her distant cousin, rock star Ziggy Springer, for the high school Hippity Hop at Louise’s Luncheonette.  Ziggy’s manager doesn’t want his client performing anywhere without pay, so Gracie and her friends have to produce a double — and fast!  They use a singing soda jerk and plan to have him perform in the dark!  It won’t be easy for Gracie to get away with this one with her rival, snooty Muffin Mansfield, waiting for her to flop.  Meanwhile, Louise has her own problems.  The building’s owner forbids the dance and plans to turn the eatery into a dry cleaner. 


2007-08 Season

Whitby Courthouse Theatre

"The Wizardof Oz"

by Harold Arlen, E.Y. Harburg, Herbert Stothart, Peter Howard and Larry Wilcox
Produced by Liz Pask
Directed by Monique Essegen

Cast: Melissa Sparacino, Lacey (the dog), Paula McIsaac, Ted Sellers, Lance Pask, Duane Rowsell, Ross Libbey, Marcia Doucette, Phil Pizak, Emilie Sparacino, Keeley Coyle, Liam Inman, Joshua George, Andrew Libbey, Mitchell Lyons, Victoria Butler, Aidan Coleman, Julia Posteraro, Mark Williams-Blue, Derrick Ouma, Jack Sparacino, Corutney Wilkinson, Jennifer Long, Ahlyssa Mundy, Linda Lyons, Stephannie Cunningham, Jenna Dove, Serena Kinsley, Roselle Uhlig.

Musicians: Blythe George, Eric Brydges, Rob Thierren, Heather McKeown, Andi Kelcey, Fred Cory.

Production Team: Liz Pask, Vivian Tattrie, Monique Essegern, Yolanda Van Grootel, Blythe George, Vic Blackman, Kelly Curran, Colin Hughes, Kevin Arbor, Tasha Dizazzo, Paula McIsaac, Gaetane Ollesh, Glen Perrot, Phyllis Allison, Ann Farqhuar, John George, Ted Sellers, Ingrid Sellers, Peter Thrasher, Don Davis, Caroline Jover, Erin Windrim, Laura Anderson, Joanne Szpajda, Kaylin Matthew, Barb Cooper, Thomas Uhlig, Joe Szekeres, Keith McGinty, David Rabjohn, Lorrie Byrne, Colleen Leonard, Danya Sellers, Emma Sellers, Tristan Misura, Chelsea Parker, Michael Baxter.

Synopsis: Little Dorothy Gale of Kansas, like so many girls her age, dreams frequently of what lies over the rainbow -Over The Rainbow. One day a twister hits her farm and carries her away. At the end of the rainbow, she finds herself in picturesque Munchkinland; home of the fascinating people, the Munchkins. In this famous land of Oz, Dorothy meets her first fairyland figure: the Sorceress of the North.


"The Unexpected Guest"

by Agatha Christie
Produced by Linda Lyons and Reese Brunelle
Directed by Robert Calvert

Cast: Mark Slattery, Heidi Affolter, Daryl Marks, Erin Jones, Ryan Coons, Sandy Lloyd, Dave Drennan, Patrick Gillespie, Ross Libbey, Brad Shultz.

Production team: Robert Calvert, Linda Lyons, Reese Brunelle, Marcia Doucette, Laura Anderson, Kyle Vespasiani, Marla Boychuk, Kelly Curran, Hans Affolter, Peter Thrasher, Don Davis, Kevin Arbour, Diane Anderson, Cassandra Coyle, Barb Cooper, Ingrid Sellers

Synopsis: On a foggy night, Michael Starkwedder enters the home of the Warwicks through a window in the study. He finds the dead body of Richard Warwick, and finds Warwick's wife, Laura, holding a gun that supposedly killed him. Despite the murder being obvious, and overwhelming evidence pointing towards it, Starkwedder does not believe she killed him, and she soon tells him she's innocent.
The two decide to place the blame on an enemy from the past, MacGregor, a man whose son was run over by Richard while he was drunk. As the story progresses, the two fake the fact that they were just finding out about the murder, and others in the house were introduced. It is revealed Laura was having an affair due to Richard's cruel nature, and was vouching for the man she was cheating with when she claimed to have killed Richard. But there are other suspects as well - Warwick's mother, his simple half-brother, the sinister Angell or the apparently goody-goody Miss Bennett.


"The Fousome"

by Norm Foster
Produced by John George
Directed by Michael Roantree

Cast: Chad Beamish, Ray Sandfoehr, ngelo Volpini, Peter Bou-Ghannam.

Production Team: Michael Roantree, John George, Kevin Arbour, Ramona Abraham, Kathy Ennis, Kelly Curran, Marla Boychuk, Peter Thrashe, Don Davis, Leah Humphryes, Zachary Sandfoehr, Joe Beveridge.

Synopsis: So these four guys meet at the fifteenth reunion of their university class, and decide to play a round of golf. They haven't seen each other much since university, but they all say they remember being best buddies, though they don't seem to recall many details. After seventeen holes, during which the betting stakes steadily rise, Cam, the one for whom we may have started to develop some liking -- he seems desperate to rediscover the friendship of the others, and to be the most vulnerable and threatened of the four -- announces that, two weeks ago, he'd been fired from his job as an ad salesman for a TV station, and hasn't told his wife. But, he says, he'll have to own up soon, because she'll wonder where the mortgage money is. "You were really fired?" "Yep," he says, "I was really fired." It's an affecting moment.


"A Sentimental Journey" - A Musical Revue

Directed by Garvin Farr

Performers: Mike Audit, Carol Bushuk, Garvn Farr, Jonh Gonzales, Ray Jickey, Georgia Higgins, Mariah Horner, David Laing, Donna Lajeunesse, Like Lomagno, Eric Longbotham, Jake MacInness, David MacInness, Caitlin McKay, Lance Pask, Amanda Paisley-Kirk, Matt Pinkerton, Ted Sellers, Bernadette Simms, Jasmine Stuckless, MAyra Whyte.

Production Team: Colin Hughes, Jonathan Farr, Kevin Arbour, Ray Hickey Myra Whyte, John Gonzales.

Synopsis: A fundraiser event for WCT.


"Annie Jr."

by Thomas Meehan, Charles Strousse, Martin Charnin
Produced by Linda Lyons and Christine Wintrs
Directed by Heather Johnson and Kathy Knight
Musical Directors, Carol Lewis and Heather Mundy
Choreographer Lannie Anderson

Cast: Victoria Butler,Carly Campigotto, Aidan Coleman, Keeley Coyle, Bailey Coyle, LIam Inman, Kathleen Lacy, Jennie Long, Michell Lyons, Nicholas Mammone, Rosie Mammone, Natasha Monk, Tillie Morgan, Ahlyssa Mundy, Derrick Ouma, Rachel Phillips, Julia Posteraro, Laura Seale, Mackenzie Shenker, Nicole Vezeau, Coourtney Wilkinson, Mark Williams-Blue, Shannon Winters.

Production Team: Heather Johnson, Kathy Knight, Linda Lyons, Christine Winters, Heather Mundy, Carol Lewis, Lanie Anderson, Genevieve Hebert, Sandra Mammone, Susan Long, Lisa Amiro, Janet Phillips, Diane Anderson, Cassandra Kouri, Peter Thrasher, Don Davis, Spencer Jones, Taavia Pereira, Kevin Arbour, Sean Inman, Cory Knight, Ingrid Sellers, Emma Sellers.

Synopsis: As an infant, Annie had been abandoned on the front steps of The New York City Municipal Orphanage with a note from her parents promising to return for her someday. Life in the orphanage had been rough under the strict hand of Miss Hannigan, but Annie’s life was about to change. Billionaire Oliver Warbucks invites Annie to spend Christmas with him in his mansion, and together, they each discover new happiness. Warbucks soon decides he wants to adopt Annie, but when he learns about her dream of finding her parents and the secret of the half-locket she has treasured for so long, he sets his own feelings aside and orders an exhaustive search for Annie’s parents.


2008-09 Season

Whitby Courthouse Theatre

"Forever Plaid"

by Stuart Ross and James Raitt
Produced by Linda Lyons
Directed by Reese Brunelle
Musical Director: Blythe George

Cast: Dean Peel, Kyle Bentley, Rob Vankleef, Todd Appleton.

Production Team: Reese Brunelle, Linda Lyons, Bluthe George, Marla Boychuk, Barbara Cooper, Laura Anderson, Khiran Carlton, Danielle Cooper, Peter Thrasher, Don Davis, Kevin Arbour, Glen Perrott, Ingrid Sellers, Emma Sellers, Rob Lyons.

Synopsis: Forever Plaid is an affectionate musical homage to the close-harmony 'guy groups' that reached the height of their popularity during the 1950s. This quartet of high-school chums, and their earnest dreams of recording an album, ended (symbolically, and even literally) in death, when their cherry red '54 Mercury collided with a bus filled with Catholic schoolgirls on their way to see the Beatles' American debut on The Ed Sullivan Show. The girls were fine. The play begins with the wondrous and wondering Plaids returning from the afterlife for one final chance at musical glory.



by Neil Smon
Produced by Judy Farrell and Claude Lavoie
Directed by Rick Kerr

Cast: Janne Hickey, Ray Sandfoehr, Cathy Partridge, Boyd Tattrie, Marcia Doucette, Michael Roth, Julia Guthrie, Jonathan Aiken, Brian Stevenson, Janet Phillips.

Production Team: Rick Kerr, Judy Farrell, Claude Lavoie, Laura Anderson, Mieke Allen, Becky Mason, Valerie Skinner, Sandra Mammone, Diane Anderson, Kevin Arbour, Ron Wannacott, Deb Smith, Peter Thrasher, Don Davis, Doreen Duchesne, Cassandra Kouri, Beaily Coyle, Maureen Howard, Beverley Canden.

Synopsis: Four couples go to the townhouse of a deputy New York City mayor and his wife to celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary, but the party never begins because the host has shot himself in the head (he's suffered a flesh wound) and his wife is missing. His lawyer's cover up gets progressively more strained as the other guests arrive, but nobody remembers who said what about whom.


"The Curious Savage"

by John Patrick
Produced by Garvin Farr
Directed by Susan Farr

Cast: Mireille Awad-Arnberg, Doug Cathcart, Melissa Mottola, Ted Sellers, Sharon Lundy-Ling, Heather Sessions, Christina Aceto, Garvin Farr, Paul Nadeau, Maureen Green, John Green.

Production Team: Debra McCarten, Taylor Keshaw, Thomas Soboki, Peggy Cicci, Peter Thrasher, Don Davis, Jay McCarten,Colin Hughes, Nicky MacDonald, Ingrid Sellers, Emma Sellers, Barb Cooper, Myra Whyte.

Synopsis: Mrs. Savage has been left ten million dollars by her husband and wants to make the best use of it. Her grown-up stepchildren, trying to get their hands on the fortune, commit the widow to a sanatorium hoping to "bring her to her senses." Here, Mrs Savage and her newfound friends conspire to dispose of the stepchildren. The finale is a delightful fantasy where each sanatorium "guest" realizes at last some hopeless dream, and the audience sees kindness and affection triumph over greed and dishonesty.


"The Adventures of Treasure Island"

by Paul Sanders, Reese Brunelle, Donna Hird
Produced by Linda Lyons
Directed by Reese Brunelle, Ryan Coons, Daryl Marks
Choreographers Nicole Vezeau, Rachel Phillips

Cast: Emily Andrews, Tiara Beaton, Samantha Busch, Victoria Butler, Keeley Coyle, Bailey Coyle, Meaghan Doyle, Anisa Hajizadeh, Liam Inman, Jennie Long, Jordan Lyons, Samantha Lyons, Mitchell Lyons, Nicholas Mammone, Callum McNeill, Natasha Monk, Tillie Morgan, Calder Morton-Ferguson, Elizabeth O'Prey, Derrick Ouma, Harry Potvin, Jennifer Ramsey, Laura Seale, Alexandra Timal, Nicole Vezeau, Courtney Wilkinson, \maark Williams-Blue, Shannon Winters.

Production Team: Linda Lyons, Reese Brunelle, Ryan Coons Daryl Marks, Nicole Vezeau, Rachel Phillips, Sandra Mommone, Lisa Amiroo, Susan Long, Marylin Seale, Janet Phillips, Tammy Andrews, Colleen Grey-McNeill, Rosie Mammone, Sharion Elliott, Diane Anderson, Cassandra Kouri, Paul Inman, Shawn Brunelle, Barb Cooper, Ambert Vibert, Danielle Cooper, Rob Lyons, Andrew Libbey, Josh George, Daniel Timal, Bev Canden.

Synopsis: This is a story about pirates. Those swash buckling scoundrels, who are the scrounge of the seven seas. They were rogues and villains, whose only loves were gold, diamonds and jjewels. But most of all they buried treasures! Yes, this is the story of The Adventures for Treasure Island. Our tale begins on a pirate ship, out on the dark stormy seas.


2009-10 Season

Whitby Courthouse Theatre

"Sweeney Todd" the Demon Barber of Fleet Street

by Hug Wheeler and Stephen Sondheim
Produced by Ramona Abraham
Directed by Doug Craven

Cast: Adrian Betts, Katie Talbot, Rob Notman, Joseph M. Grant, Chirstina Campbell, Perry Milbury Emily Dollard, Boyd Tattrie, Joyce Schneider, Eric Terry, Dan Montgomery, Nicole Vezeau, Nick Boileau, Marika Toyama, Margaret Dunn, Melissa Henderson, Alex Garofalo, Connor Lynn, Crispin Cotton, Letissa Ford.

Production Team: Genevieve Hebert, Kathy Ennis, Vivian Tattrie, Colin Hughes, Sandy Lloyd, Josh George, Grant Craven, Jacob McMorrow, Kevin Roche, Jeff Saboe, Barb Cooper, Cary Knight, Robyn Kauffeldt, Jill Kauffeildt, Cathy Ellis, Erin McMorrow, Val Skinner, Nicholas Mammone, Veronica Miles, Meaghan Davis, Katie Talbot, Mercedes Aldridge, Amanda Barry, Sandra Mammone, Mike Trites, Deb Smith, Karen McGinty, Liz Mitchell, Paula Dickie, Karen Dickie-Evans, Mary Vezeau, Christime Fitzgerald, Marika Toyama, Laured Miles, Rosie Mammone, Edith Daufeldt, Jean Skinner, John George, Jenna Forest, Peter Thrasher, Don Davis, Stephano Stravato, Mark Backman, Dave Clark, Ingrid Sellers, Emma Sellers..

Synopsis: Benjamin Barker, a skilled barber, is falsely charged and sentenced to a life of hard labor in Australia by the corrupt Judge Turpin, who lusts after Barker's wife Lucy. Now under the assumed name "Sweeney Todd", Barker returns to London with sailor Anthony Hope. At his old Fleet Street lodgings above Mrs. Nellie Lovett's pie shop, he discovers that Lucy, having been raped by Turpin, has poisoned herself, and his teenage daughter Johanna is now Turpin's ward, and like her mother before her, is the object of his unwanted affections. Nellie has kept Todd's silver barber knives hidden in the Barkers' old room, which is supposedly haunted. Todd vows revenge, reopening his barber shop in the upstairs flat.


"Plaid Tidings"

Book by Stuart Ross
Music & Lyrics by Various

Synopsis: Filled with Christmas standards that have all been "Plaid-erized," our boys are back to do their Christmas Special. At first Francis, Jinx, Smudge, and Sparky aren't sure why they've returned to Earth for another posthumous performance, but a phone call from the heavenly Rosemary Clooney lets them know that they're needed to put a little harmony into a discordant world. Sprinkled among the Christmas offerings are audience favorites like their riotous three minute and eleven second version of The Ed Sullivan Show - this time featuring the Rockettes, the Chipmunks and The Vienna Boys Choir, and a Plaid Caribbean Christmas which puts the "Day-O" in Excelsis!


"The Long Weekend"

by Norm Foster
Produced by Linda Lyons
Directed by Robert Calvert

Cast: Karen Brown, Darryl Marks, Ray Porrill, Abby Nash.

Production Team: Mignonne Sorlie, NJenna Forest, Marla Fitzgerald, Reese Brunelle, Rob Lyons, Kevin Arbour, Chris Grech, Peter Thrasher, Dan Davis, Kaylea Lespernece, Hermala Nurse.

Synopsis: Wynn and Max Trueman are hosting their friends, Abby and Roger Nash, in their tiny country retreat. You know       the sort of place ... a sage and plum, designer friendly cottage, somewhere in up-market Ontario. These are old friends, you see, ones with plenty of troublesome baggage.


"Wait Until Dark"

by Frederick Knott
Produced by Ted Sellers
Directed by Jennie Ottaway

Cast: Mireille Awad-Armberg, Rick Kerr, Paul Nadeau, Tim Westhead, Mark Salonius, Kaytea Lesperence,

Production Team: Tracy Magee-Graham, Becky Mason, John Chapman, Peggy Cicci, Ingrid Sellers, Emma Sellers, Danya Sellers, Kevin Arbour, Tim Ottaway, Peter Thrasher, Don Davis, Neil Archambault.

Synopsis: Susy Hendrix, a recently blinded housewife who unwittingly possesses a doll  filled with illicit drugs.  Harry Roat, a brutal and sophisticated criminal,  coerces two small-time thugs into helping him con Susy into giving up the doll.   A battle of wits ensues as Susy and the young girl upstairs launch a counterplot  against the thieves.  The drama plays on the themes of darkness and light as  Susy navigates through her sightless world, and the crooks signal each other  with light through the Venetian blinds.


"The Wiz"

by Charlile Smalls and William F. Brown
Produced and Directed by: Linda Lyons
Musical Director: Monica Cotton
Choreographer: Christyna McGregor

Cast: Emily Andrews, Tiara Beaton, Samantha Busch, Keeley Coyle, Meaghan Doyle, Lindsay Drake, Zachary Fortais Gomm, Lilam Inman, Tillie Morgan, Sierra Nunna, Katherine O'Connell, Harry Potvin, Erik Ramsey, Espy Salas, Amber Sargent, Ireland Smith, Jennie Long, Jaden Love, Mitchell Lyons, Jordan Lyons, Samantha Lyons, Nicholas Mammone, Reid Martin, Callum McNeill, Connor Steele, Ally Timal, Courtney Winkinson, Mandy (dog)

Production Team: Linda Lyons, Monica Cotton, Heather Sessions, Christyna McGregor, Chris Grech, Sandra Mammone, Rosie Mammone, Brenda Clarkson, Missi Smith, Colleel O'Neill, Diane Otte, Michelle Timal, Denise Drake, Linda Ramsey, Susan Long, Peggy Cicci, Kelly Curran, Sam Fallow, Elizabeth O'Connell, Janette Hultquist, Elsbeth Potvin, Angela Steele, Valerie Skinner, Frances Beaton, Rob Lyons, Kurt Cotton-Kinch, Jenna Forest, Matt Akot, Todd Ramsey, Kevin Arbour, Reese Brunelle, Bev Camden

Synopsis: It begins on a tumbledown farm in Kansas, but the tornado sets Dorothy down in a big-city-like-Oz. The words are jive, the songs upbeat. After celebrating the demise of the Wicked Witch of the East with the Munchkins, Dorothy departs for the Emerald City with a live yellow brick road. She encounters a hip Scarecrow who wants to join her because he has a feeling he isn't going anywhere; and uptight Tin Man who needs Dorothy's help to hang loose again, and a mama's-boy Lion who has lost faith in the psychiatric help he's been getting from an owl. Together they will seek heop from the Great Man in the flashy city.

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